Pasteurization Process Rebuild

Project Overview

Pipers Mechanical teamed with an engineering company to redesign and rebuild the pasteurizing process for a large dairy. Because pasteurization is central to the dairy processing industry, the pasteurization process could be out of operation for a maximum of one week. The old system had to be torn out, completely replaced, and be ready to go back into production within that time frame. Without those time constraints, a similar job would take three months to complete. Pipers Mechanical spent two months pre-fabricating the piping, and completed the install within the week.

In addition to installing the piping, Pipers Mechanical was responsible for:

  • developing a process flow diagram for the new pasteurization process
  • developing a layout drawing that incorporated all of the parts of the new process, complete with dimensional data and build materials
  • coordinating the entire installation, including electricians, plumbers and concrete installers
  • ensuring that the project met deadlines

Why Pipers Mechanical

Pipers Mechanical was the perfect choice for this project because of our:

  • Quality of work, meticulous attention to detail, and technical expertise

    Because of the extremely short time frame involved in this project, there was no room for error. As it does for every project, Pipers Mechanical staff took the time at the outset to understand the project requirements and constraints completely. Our engineers took precise measurements, which were required to ensure that everything fit properly when installed. The new process was then laid out on the computer, with built-in tolerances to ensure a perfect fit.

    Pipers fabricators pre-built all of the piping in large sections off-site. During installation, these sections were brought into the dairy and fit together. The pipe fitters used computerized welding to make the connections between sections, which quickly provided the data needed to ensure quality welds.

  • Adherence to sanitary process design and construction methods

    Pipers Mechanical's staff is highly experienced and has a strong safety and compliance record – both of which were critical to the success of this project. Surrounding the pasteurization room in the dairy were other processing areas, which remained in production throughout the installation. Pipers Mechanical's extensive experience and scrupulous attention to sanitation and compliance with food safety regulations ensured that the project was completed without contaminating other processes in the plant.